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These values are at work in everything we'll do together:


Your account will be held in your name, at a full-service broker, such as Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade. Your money will not be co-mingled with other clients, as is a common practice with hedge funds and mutual funds.

Appropriate Diversification

Client accounts typically own 20 different positions.

Conventional wisdom suggests that owning more stocks is a less risky approach, but in fact, the opposite is true. Owning 20 stocks allows us to concentrate on our very best ideas without compromising the benefits of diversification. This fact is lost on most investment professionals and mutual fund companies that routinely over-diversify client portfolios.

Efficient Fee Structure

We charge a flat percentage fee based on account value. We do not charge incentive fees commonly charged by hedge funds. In addition, we do not invest in mutual funds, thereby eliminating the dual-fee structure commonly charged by many financial advisors.


All account activity can be viewed online, at any time, with comprehensive access to accounting, trade activity, current holdings and cash activity. This is not the case with mutual fund investments.

No Conflicts of Interest

Most investment advisors steer their clients into a small group of funds based on national “pay to play” agreements with those mutual fund companies. Our business model is wholly disconnected from these types of conflicts.

Account Customization

Every account is managed to the needs and objectives of the individual or institution.


All research related to portfolio activity is performed in-house. We are wholly unconnected to Wall Street’s flawed, biased research.

“The investment game always involves
considering both quality and price.
And the trick is to get more quality
than you pay for in price.
It's just that simple.”

The GDS Difference

With GDS, you'll enjoy the direct relationship with your advisor—and your money—that can't be found with other firms. 

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