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  • Glenn D. Surowiec

A Framework for Success

I am often asked about "secrets" to success with investing. The only reason that my techniques remain considered "secrets," is because it is sound advice that many refuse to follow. With steadfastness, I steward my clients' investments along with the following rules in mind:

1. Delay gratification. The stock market was not designed to reward your particular strategy year-in and year-out.

2. Don't let volatility guide your decision-making. Be guided by facts.

3. Establish a holding period. For me, this is usually between 24 and 30 months. After then, I determine success or failure.

4. Become a better stock owner.

5. Avoid the addiction of the Internet (in other words, watching daily price changes).

6. Get out of your own way. Don't create false expectations around short-term results.

7. Study the greats. I am constantly referencing the work of investing giants like Buffett, but I also listen to those outside of the money management world, including Bill Belichick, Bill James, Sam Hinkie, and many others.

Who else are you listening to about investing? Share your favorites with us.

Not listening to anyone yet? No problem. That's what I'm here for. I'm doing enough listening for the both of us, and I look forward to your call to talk about your investments.

Glenn D. Surowiec
Registered Investment Advisor
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